This is the second time I’ve ordered this material. The first time was for my front yard to cover it in preparation for spreading rocks, and the second time was for the backyard. Again, spreading rocks. I don’t think there’s any one perfect material for blocking weeds, but this stuff has been fantastic in that regard with minimal weed growth

Designed to provide unparalleled weed control, this premium weed barrier fabric will make your life easier & 100% hassle-free

Garden Weed Barrier | Weed Block Gardening Mat | Landscape Fabric

Original price was: $5.Current price is: $3.

per foot length – (6.5 ft width)


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This heavy duty garden weed control mat is designed to let air and water through, thus conserving your soil’s moisture and preserving its value.

Finally A Weed Barrier Fabric Made To Last – The heavy-duty, durable and sturdy design of the pro landscape weed barrier will provide you with premium weed protection for a very long time.

Helping you to reduce chemicals so you can do your part for the environment too!

  • Size: 6.5-ft Wide x Order Just The Length You require (boxed, Folded Not on a roll)
  • Extra strong, UV-stabilised woven polypropylene
  • Breathable fabric – water & nutrients pass through
  • Planting lines to help planting in straight lines
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NO MINIMUMS - Order only the length (per foot) you need

Original price was: $5.Current price is: $3.

per foot length – (6.5 ft width)
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Professional Heavy Duty Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric

Weed Control Fabric Ground Cover Weed Barrier

  • Heavy Duty – Made of durable polypropylene woven fabric, UV resistant, corrosion resistant and high breaking strength
  • Great air and water permeability – Prevent weeds in vegetable garden, but let air and water through
  • Easy to work with – Easy to lay and easy to cut with sissors. keep plantings in a straight line

Why Choose A Premium Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric

  • Conserves soil moisture, increases plant growth, and prevents unwanted weeds from germinating.
  • Chemical Free and protect your yard’s ecosystem and thrive your plants.
  • Superior permeability to keep the soil nourished, but still keeps weeds away.
  • Stripes located 30cm apart make for easy plant alignment.


Roll of extra thick sunlight minimizing weed barrier fabric for yard landscapes, flower beds and gardens. It’s very easy to roll out, place down and start planting.It is light enough so that you can carry and cut it and also heavy enough to protect your garden.


Environmentally friendly

chemical free, weed barrier roll that doesn’t harm the ecosystem of your yard. Allowing your plants to thrive.UV stabilized and permeable to air and water. Our heavy duty fabric will block weeds away for a worry-free irrigation.

Wide Applications

Weed block works great as an underlayer for artificial grass, vegetable patch, flower bed, ground cover, garden, driveways. You Can DIY Cloth Size By yourself Will Not Fray.
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Support Team:

Can lengths be added / joined so it's continuous edging?

YES – connectors are provided so you can run continuously.

Can you use this edging for a gravel bed around a home, thinking of using this and putting in river rock.


How does it hold up to the sun and weed wacker?

Customer Answer: I have had it in place for a few years now both in summer and in winter. I have never had a problem with it being in the sun and I weed wack by it every time I cut the grass and never had a problem. The only problem is once in a while in the spring you have to push the stakes that hold it in place back into the ground. The cold weather makes them pop up a little buy nowhere near all the way out of the ground. They have been holding my paver blocks in place very well. Hope this helps

How flexable is this? Is it easy to create nice smooth curves or do they end up being wiggley? Does it tend to retain the shipping coil shape?

It is nice and flexible the spiked nails will enable you to get the edge exactly how you want. Once it is unrolled and you start to install the edging will be fine without retaining coil shape.

Can I do 90 degree angles with this product?

Yes, it’s very flexible. Without cutting, it can perform a 90 on a pretty small radius.

How strong are the spikes. My soil is hard clay with many rocks.

The spikes are strong but they won’t go through rocks. They can go through clay soil. Use a rubber mallet. You will need to find the spike holes that will miss the rocks or remove the rocks if they aren’t too large.


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